Gulf Coast Bird Rescue Monofilament Line Clean Up

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Gulf Coast Bird Rescue enjoyed celebrating National Estuaries Day
with the monofilament line clean up along Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Blackthorn Memorial Park and Fishing Pier. Joining volunteers from Tampa Bay Watch and others participating in waterway cleanup, Gulf Coast Bird Rescue volunteers were successful in recovering properly disposed of fishing line in the tubes provided. Unfortunately, monofilament fishing line not disposed of properly also was found and removed along the road and sidewalk of the bridge.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us in this fun but very important event! Your efforts to benefit birds are greatly appreciated.
Please continue to help us prevent bird injury by disposing of your fishing line in the tubes provided. Leaving monofilament line along the road, shoreline, sidewalk, piers, or anywhere in the open, results in tangled birds that can die painfully. If you are in an area without line disposal tubes, please place your fishing line into a bag or similar container and dispose of the bag properly. Proper disposal only takes a moment, but makes a huge difference in protecting our beautiful birds.

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