Great Blue Heron Release

Dunedin Causeway

“After expert bird rescuer, Greg from Gulf Coast Bird Rescue, finally caught this great blue heron (he could fly perfectly, so it wasn’t easy), who had a large hook embedded in the top of his foot and about three feet of line hanging off, it was taken to receive medical treatment and removal of the hook and line, then taken back to his home for release yesterday. I’m sure it was a huge relief to have that hook finally removed. It flew off to the northeast, to Smith Bayou. I hope to see him when I’m out at the Causeway today. He hangs out there pretty much every day. Huge thanks to everyone involved from Gulf Coast Bird Rescue in catching this magnificent animal! It was a great experience working together with other bird rescuers and one of the best seabird rehabbers anywhere, to get this heron the help he needed. Couldn’t have done this without the help of Gulf Coast Bird Rescue!”

GCBR would like to thank Kim Sauls Begay for allowing us to re-post portions of her original article.

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