GCBR Seeks Permanent Land Acquisition

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Pinellas County, FL: Gulf Coast Bird Rescue, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is searching for land in Pinellas County to develop into a permanent rehabilitation facility for injured native wild birds.

It has been determined the original location at George C. McGough Nature Park in Largo, FL cannot encompass the entire scope of Gulf Coast Bird Rescue’s future operations, which would include hospital, rehabilitation flight pens, as well as educational facilities. Gulf Coast Bird Rescue is grateful to the Largo City Commissioners as well as Greg Brown, Largo Parks Superintendent for their efforts to provide a solution for a community wide issue. The two organizations will continue to partner together as ambassadors for native wildlife.

Gulf Coast Bird Rescue was founded in February 2013 and has been providing volunteer rescue and transport of injured native wild birds in Pinellas County, filling a massive void in the region. In addition to rescue and rehabilitation services, GCBR will provide public awareness education regarding native wildlife and basic rescue procedures. The need for a rehabilitation facility, however, remains until space is found to build a permanent facility.

“In an area where native wild birds are such a prevalent presence in everyday life, Gulf Coast Bird Rescue provides a critical service that affects every resident in Pinellas County. We stepped in to fill a void not being met and we look forward to imbedding ourselves in the community and becoming a nonprofit organization of which the community can be proud,” says Executive Director and Co-Founder, Robin Vergara. Hospital Director and Co-Founder, Barbara Suto, is a nationally known wildlife biologist who has worked for more than 30 years rehabilitating wild birds in Pinellas County.

Fulfilling this vital mission in Pinellas County will require significant funding in order to purchase the land and supplies needed, as well as to build the permanent facility. For more information and to contribute to the mission of Gulf Coast Bird Rescue, visit www.gulfcoastbirdrescue.org.

Gulf Coast Bird Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2013 in Pinellas
County. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving native wildlife through humane
and professional wild bird rehabilitation, encouraging wise stewardship of our ecosystem
through public education and contributing new information to the foundation of knowledge.

Contact: Robin Vergara, Co-Founder & Executive Director
mail: robin@gulfcoastbirdrescue.org
Website: www.gulfcoastbirdrescue.org

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