Action Plan


  1. Acquire a suitable building for operation of our avian hospital and modify the facility to meet both wildlife rehabilitation requirements for the multiple species needing care, as well as state and federal rehabilitation permit requirements.

  2. Obtain quality diagnostic equipment, medical supplies, and diverse food supplies required to meet nutritional needs for daily, individualized patient care to ensure optimum recovery potential.

  3. Acquire interior hospital caging, admission and examination room equipment, all surgical suite equipment for assisting veterinarians, obtain and install several refrigeration and storage units for food supplies, as well as provide indoor water therapy pools.

  4. Construction of outdoor recovery and flight conditioning caging, onsite fabricated fiberglass bathing and fishing pools, water supply and plumbing to outdoor caging, electrical supply and outdoor lighting.

  5. Actively promote environmental stewardship and wildlife preservation through literature, lectures, and outreach educational programs. Teach the next generation to appreciate and protect wildlife and the habitat needed to preserve it.